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NBC Logo The National Broadcasting Company is a leading American television network, which initially started off as a radio network. Headquartered in New York City, NBC has 10 owned-and-operated stations and nearly 200 affiliates in the United States.


The NBC logo has been changed several times before finally settling on its present peacock form. The earliest NBC logo was introduced in 1943, which consisted of a microphone. The consequent lightning bolts are thought to have been inspired by the parent company RCA. The three chime notes, made public on NBC Radio in 1927, came with the “xylophone” logo of 1954. Shape of the NBC Logo: The original peacock logo was created by John J. Graham in 1956, intended to observe the advent of color broadcasts. The static symbol was given an animated form in 1957. Another logo resembling a “snake” was introduced in 1959 but was discarded in 1975. This logo, too, was animated, and the field after it showed different colors as the familiar chimes played. A controversy arose in 1975 when an extremely simplified and conventionalized N logo appeared very similar to an existing logo of Nebraska ETV Network, who sued NBC in February 1976. The case was settled out of court. NBC then employed the red-and-blue version for a couple years, which is said to be the most graphically advanced of all, but the company finally revived their earlier peacock logo with a much refined and amended form in 1986. Colors of the NBC Logo: The NBC logo artistically utilizes the color palette of the peacock feather, which gives it a very vibrant, energetic and eye-catching look.

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