NBA Logo

NBA Logo

The National Basketball Association, more commonly known as NBA, is an extremely popular basketball franchise that was founded in June 1946. Started as the Basketball Association of America, it went on to become a major North American professional sport league, alongside the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Major League Baseball (MLB). NBA is made up of 30 teams of which one is based in Canada. The rest of the 29 are based in the USA. The first ever NBA game was played in Toronto, Canada in 1946. The NBA is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The NBA blossomed from a minor league into the world’s biggest Basketball league bringing the sport on world map. The NBA history is studded with heroics of stars like George Mikan, Michael Jordan, Karim Abdul Jabbar, Yao Ming etc.


The NBA logo is based on the great American basketball player Jerry West. He was an all-time great player of Los Angeles Lakers and spent his lifetime there. His achievements will always be remembered as the greatest ever in the history of the sport. Jerry West will serve as the main inspiration for the NBA logo for many years ahead.

Shape of the NBA Logo:

The NBA logo is a display a running image of the great legend Jerry West, enthusiastically marching towards the basketball net. His iconic action contributes strength and vigor to all the NBA teams, challenging them to match his legacy.

Color of the NBA Logo:

The NBA logo uses the blue and red colors. Such lively colors reflect the passion of the fast paced basketball game.

Font of the NBA Logo:

The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association, initials of which are inscribed next to the feet of Jerry West. The NBA logo displays the association of the league with its greatest player.