National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, more commonly known as NASCAR, is an extremely popular motor-sport in America that is held in major racing tracks across the country. The association was founded in February 1948 by Bill France, Sr. and several other iconic drivers. The event was initiated keeping in view the growing popularity of cars. NASCAR’s basic objective was to appeal to the average car enthusiast, thus paving the way for racers to make use of cars that were not tweaked at all.

Ever since its inception, NASCAR has grown at a tremendous rate. It is now being followed in over 150 countries with NASCAR races also held in different circuits around the world. The racing event enjoys a fan base of 75 million people with a turnover of over $3 billion per year. Such is the popularity of NASCAR that even the ones not into the sport can name a few driving legends. All of the sports’ success can be attributed to one guy, Bill France, Sr., who invested his time, money and efforts to give racing industry a big boost.


The NASCAR logo can be defined as the piece of artwork that embodies essence, identity, personality and superiority of the racing association. It is the rallying factor for not only its supporters, but also for its drivers and their teams.

Shape of the NASCAR Logo:

The NASCAR logo text and the slanted lines depict movement and precision. This logo is all about the sense of distinction, character, values, and velocity, qualities that are of vital importance to stock car racing.

Color of the NASCAR Logo:

The multi-colored NASCAR logo uses all the bright and energetic colors like blue, purple, red and yellow which highlight the exciting and wonderful nature of the motor-sport. The white color of the NASCAR font distinguishes it from the association’s bright colors.

Font of the NASCAR Logo:

Like other popular sports logos, the NASCAR logo sports the italic and bold style to reflect thrill and prominence.