MTV Logo

MTV Logo

Music Television, more commonly known as MTV, is a world-renowned American cable television channel headquartered in New York City. Officially launched on August 1, 1981, it is now one of the most influential widely watched networks to be broadcasted all over the world. MTV also remains one of the most popular and loved brands globally.


Shape and Color of the MTV Logo:

One of the most famous logos ever created, the MTV logo was conceptualized by Manhattan Design, a graphic design collective which consisted of Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patty Rogoff, whereas MTV’s in-house creative director, Fred Seibert, supervised the team effort. The distinctive “M” was actually a sketch by Rogoff. The “TV”, one the other hand, was spray painted by Olinksky.

In the initial years, MTV mainly featured a logo which consisted of a big yellow “M” with “TV” in red letters. The network also used several variations of this logo, in terms of color schemes, unique patterns, as well as to commemorate major events. The general shape and proportions of the emblem, however, still remain unchanged.

The MTV logo underwent a notable overhaul when the network debuted its website on February 8, 2010. The three elements of the original logo which were dropped included; the “Music Television” caption, the bottom section of the “M” block letter, and the trailing letter “V” that branched off to its side.

The iconic “I want my MTV!” slogan is widely regarded as one the most famous slogans in the history of advertising.