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Motorola Logo Motorola, Inc. was a world-renowned American telecommunications firm with corporate headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. When the company went bankrupt and lost $4.3 billion from 2007 to 2009, it spilt into two different business entities, namely Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, in early 2011. While Motorola Solutions is thought to be the direct successor to Motorola, Inc., Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google Inc. in August 2011 for a reported US$12.5 billion. The brand name “Motorola” was actually created by the founder Paul V. Galvin in early-1930s for the car radio—linking “motor” (for motorcar) with “ola” (meaning sound).


Shape of the Motorola Logo: The earliest Motorola logo was a simple wordmark which mentioned the company name, Motorola Inc., in a handwritten font. The current form of the Motorola logo was introduced in June 1955. More commonly known as the “stylized M” insignia or “emsignia”, it featured two aspiring triangle peaks arching into an abstracted “M” symbolizing the progressive, leadership-minded attitude of the company. Color of the Motorola Logo: The blue color in the Motorola logo represents excellence, supremacy and trustworthiness. Font of the Motorola Logo: The Motorola logo features the Univers® font family.

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