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Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi is a conglomerate of businesses that include heavy industries, motors, banks, chemicals and electricals. Mitsubishi Motors are renowned for its passenger cars and commercial vehicles that are exported throughout the world. It was founded in 1870 as a shipping company by Yataro Iwasaki.

Being the sixth largest Japanese carmaker, the company’s humble origins can be traced to its shipbuilding past in early 1900. Despite initial setbacks, the company went on to manufacture cars and aircrafts, and became the largest private company in Japan before the onset of World War II. The company established its prowess in the world of automobiles by striking alliances with successful companies like DaimerChrysler, Volvo, Peugoet-Citroen, Colt & Lonsdale, and Proton.


The name Mitsubishi is an amalgam of two words “mitsu” which means three, and “bishi” which means a rhombus or a diamond. The three rhombuses combine to form the company logo known as the “three diamonds”.

Shape of the Mitsubishi Logo:

The three diamonds signify reliability, integrity and success that helps Mitsubishi win the trust of its customers. The company is committed to provide its customers a safe and eco-compatible driving experience and the Mitsubishi logo is the “seal of the deal”.

Color of the Mitsubishi Logo:

The Mitsubishi logo is colored red which denotes the confidence and attraction of the car company’s brands. It also brings to mind the thrill and excitement attached to its products that gives the consumer a sense of satisfaction and pride. Surveys after surveys prove Mitsubishi’s customers’ loyalty and unquestioned faith in the “three diamond” logo.

Font of the Mitsubishi Logo:

The Mitsubishi logo uses an elegant yet simple custom font.

Car aficionados all over the world see the Mitsubishi logo as a symbol of excellence and continue to place their trust in their products. A Mitsubishi vehicle, without its logo, is simply incomplete as the three diamonds logo ensures safety, reliability and superior performance to the driver.