Metallica Logo

Metallica Logo

In 1981, drummer Lars Ulrich and vocalist James Hetfield founded the heavy metal band Metallica in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by legendary rock bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Led Zeppelin, both musicians placed an advertisement in the local newspaper to kick start a rock band. Bassist Ron McGovney responded to the ad and that is how Metallica came into existence.

One of the most commercially successful heavy metal bands in the history, Metallica has sold more than a hundred million albums to date. “Kill ‘em all” (1983), “Ride the lightening” (1984), “Master of Puppets” (1986), and “And Justice for All" (1988) are some of the most popular Metallica albums. “Death Magnetic” is the latest album that consists of thirty tracks which hit the shelves in 2008.


Metallica logo definitely proves its mettle and undeniably stays as a recognized logo in the world of heavy metal.

Shape of the Metallica Logo:

The shape of the Metallica logo brings about the exciting rock and roll image of the band. The first letter “M” of Metallica sports a spiky look which goes the same with the last letter “A”. The other letters are quite simple yet stylish.

Color of the Metallica Logo:

The black and silver color depict the spirit of the band which is heavy metal music. The maroon shades basically stand for the subtle tones prevalent in Metallica compositions.

Font of the Metallica Logo:

The font of the Metallica logo is called “Pastor of Muppets” and was designed by Ray Larabie.