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McDonald's Logo Every company aims to establish a prominent and eminent trademark. Global expansion has encouraged various organizations to promote their products with the help of branding and effective management. A company logo globally represents the quality and reliability of the representative product. When McDonald’s extended its business operations globally, it used a logo design that provided assurance of the products’ significance throughout the world. The McDonald’s logo was designed by Jim Schindler in 1962. The logo is recognized as the symbol of the expansion of multinational business. The logo is closely associated with the US, and is also taged as “part of Americanization and American cultural imperialism”. The golden arches of the logo undoubtedly projects elegance, uniqueness and a concrete corporate image. In 1968, “McDonald’s” was added to the McDonald’s logo to enhance its look.


The McDonald’s logo is used all over the world to promote the objectives of the corporation and also to maintain the high reputation of the company. The logo depicts the unique features of the food chain. Shape of the McDonald’s Logo: The current McDonald’s logo consists of a golden colored “M” which represents the name of the corporation. The two golden arches were originally designed to resemble the new arched shaped symbols on the side of the newly established restaurant. The symbols were later merged together to form the letter “M”, which is recognized all over the world. The double arched “M” symbol first appeared in 1968. Color of the McDonald’s Logo: The McDonald’s logo comprises of shades of golden and red, whch signifies the strength of the company. The two arches are colored in gold tint. However, the red color is employed as a background of the distinct McDonald’s logo. The company’s courage, supremacy and authority is revealed by the employment of these two prominent colors. Font of the McDonald’s Logo: Along with the “M” the McDonald’s logo also holds the name of the company. “McDonald’s” has been inscribed in a simple yet attractive font which defines the strong image of the firm. The simplicity of the font makes the logo appealing and engaging.

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