Mazda Logo

Mazda Logo

Matsuda Kabushiki-gaisha or Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company, established as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. by Jujiro Matsuda, in 1920. It embraced the name “Mazda" in 1984. The company originally produced machine tools, but with the passage of time, it widened its functions by manufacturing four-wheeled cars, gasoline reciprocating engines, diesel and rotary engines, automatic and manual transmissions for motor vehicles.

Since 2000, Mazda has used the phrase “Zoom-Zoom” as its marketing strategy to describe what it identifies as “emotion of motion” that it claims is present in all its vehicles. The “Zoom-Zoom" movement has been tremendously fruitful and has been sprawling worldwide from its primary use in North-America.

The company is known for manufacturing inexpensive cars that present an exhilarating performance experience to its clients.


Mazda Logo Evolution

The Mazda logo has undergone five significant alterations, in terms of dimension, resolution, shape and color; the current logo has been abiding since 1997.

Shape of the Mazda Logo:

The “M" in the Mazda logo is innovative and stylish, forming the shape of stretched wings. This gives the entire logo an appearance of an “owl". The wings seem to portray that the company is futuristic and knows where its destination lies. The emblem is also assumed to symbolize a tulip.

Color of the Mazda Logo:

The blue and silver shades in the Mazda logo depict the calm and composed features of the company.

Font of the Mazda Logo:

The font used in the current Mazda logo is “SF Automaton", which was a creation of Derek Vogelpohl.

The Mazda logo projects a sleek and concrete sensation that all Mazda products possess. The vibrant round figure denotes company’s eagerness to stretch its wings as it moves into the 21st century.