MasterCard Logo

MasterCard Logo

MasterCard Worldwide is a leading American financial service provider. Headquartered in New York, it employs more than 5,600 people around the world. MasterCard is one of the most famous and widely recognized credit and debit card brand in the world.

The MasterCard logo is undoubtedly one of the most famous finance logos ever created.


Shape of the MasterCard Logo:

In 1966, a group of 17 bankers established an organization for the reciprocal acceptance of their credit cards. They named it as “Interbank” and hence, the 1966 Interbank logo. The ‘i’ represents the participating members of Interbank Card Association.

The earliest known MasterCard (then Master Charge) logo was publicly introduced in 1969. After the name change in 1979, the original logo consisting of two simple intersecting circles, was kept but the tagline “We Honor the Interbank Card” and the ‘i’ were taken off.

In 1990, a new logo was put forward, with cut bolder colors and some 23 horizontal bars between the two intersecting circles. In 1996, a more spectacular font replaced the old font, and the number of bars was also cut down, making the logo simpler and more powerful.

In 2006, a new redesign featuring blurred circles with gradients was introduced. The old logo, however, still remains the one that is being used on the credit and debit cards, and the redesign only affects the corporate branding.

Color of the MasterCard Logo:

The MasterCard logo uses two primary colors – red and yellow. The red color represents vitality, while yellow color stands for happiness, richness and prosperity.

Font of the MasterCard Logo:

The MasterCard logo features a custom typeface actually derived from Frutiger Bold Italic.