The LPGA or Ladies Professional Golf Association is a popular American association for female professional golfers. The organization, based in Daytona Beach, Florida, is famous for carrying out the LPGA Tour, which consists of a series of weekly golf contests for professional female golfers from around the world, and runs from February to December every year. In 2010, it was reported that the total prize money on the LPGA Tour was around $41,400,000.


Shape and Color of the LPGA Logo:

The original LPGA logo, designed circa 1950, was an oval with crossed clubs and a crown on top. Used at the beginning of the association until 1962.

The second LPGA logo, first used in 1962, was a “tombstone" shape with a female golfer swing fashioned after then-professional, Merle Breer. This logo was used primarily as a one color – bright green or in black – for 29 years.

The third LPGA logo, designed and first used in February 1991, was a rectangle shape in green, gold and white. The lady “swinger" silhouette is a composite rendering of several professional women golfers of the day.

The Tour and many members of the organization felt that the green and gold logo had become obsolete and did not properly represent the LPGA brand moving into the 21st century in real terms of its performance, enthusiasm and character. For this reason, the LPGA Tour revealed a new, more modern, logo in October 2007. This logo depicts the power, strength and athleticism of the LPGA athletes. It contains the red, white, green, blue and yellow combination of colors that come together in seven strokes to form a female golfer. The golfer is placed right above the bold letters that constitute “LPGA”.