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Lower lakes seeding a success

Lower lakes seeding a success. But the same thing has been happening in parts of California.

“All I know is, I know the waters are more than adequate, but it’s a question of getting it under control,” said John Schaeffer, president of the Water Resources Association.

natyasastra.comWhile Schaeffer is sure they can pull it off, he said the biggest challenge will be finding water for agricultural irrigation. In the drought-plagued area, he natyasastra.comsaid, growers have stopped watering at all. They’ll have to take their chances with wetter soils and higher temperatures.

The lake was more than 10 years old by 2010. The National Park Service says it is stil??????l about 4 inches deep.

“It’s been very quiet,” National Park Service spokesman Scott Hargett said. “At some point, it might sink a little bit, but right now, it just looks like a pool of water.”

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