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Levis Logo

Levi Strauss & Co. is a world-renowned American clothing company. Established in 1853 by Levi Strauss, the company is known for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. Head-quartered in San Francisco, California, Levi Strauss employs more than 16,200 people around the world with net income of $157 million as of 2010.

Levi Strauss sells apparel in over 60 countries worldwide, having 53 production facilities and 32 customer service centers in more than 49 countries.


The famous red tab logo of Levi’s, which remains of the most recognizable logos ever created, was introduced 63 years after Levi’s blue jeans was officially patented in 1873. The famous red tab was unveiled in 1936.

The highly legible and memorable Levi’s logo has been proved one of the most result-oriented logos in design history.

Shape and Color of the Levi’s Logo:

The old Levi’s logo, first used in 1886, consisted of two horses trying to seek opposite directions. They are prevented by the single pair of jeans attached to each. There’s a story behind the “Two Horse Brand” that a locomotive driver attached two carriages with jeans and drove both to the destination station.

Levi’s red tab logo is a sheer display of brand’s distinctiveness and iconic reputation. It conforms to the theme of individuality and fun by showcasing the brand’s uniqueness. The red color in the Levi’s logo symbolizes energy, determination and passion, while highlighting the brand’s youthful attributes of power, explosiveness, rebellion and endurance.