Lego Logo

Lego Logo

Lego is a famous brand of construction toys owned by the Lego Group, a Billund, Denmark based family-owned company. Starting in 1949, they manufacture interlocking plastic bricks, which could be assembled to construct objects such as cars, buildings and robots, and a variety of different minifigures and gears.

With more than 9,400 employees, the company now operates in 31 countries worldwide.


Shape and Color of the Lego Logo:

“LEGO” is derived from two Danish words “leg” (play) and “godt” (well). The current version of the Lego logo was introduced in 1999, with slightly rounder and larger font. The company used five different logos prior to the previous version which was designed in 1973.

The earliest Lego logo was unveiled in 1935. In 1940, the emblem took in the words “Billund – Denmark” while featuring “LEGO” on a isometric perspective. After eight years, in 1948, “Billund – Denmark” was removed and “LEGO” was given a round, playful look; a definitive treatment which is still being used. The red background was introduced in 1954, while the yellow outline was first implemented in 1973.

Font of the Lego Logo:

The Lego logo features a custom-designed round typeface.