Lacoste Logo

Lacoste Logo

Lacoste is a famous French clothing company which deals in clothing, shoes, perfumes, leather goods, watches, spectacles, and majorly in tennis shirts. Established is 1933, the company borrows its name from Rene Lacoste, one of the world’s most famous tennis players and sports fanatics. Rene Lacoste disliked the customary tennis shirts, so he joined hands with Andre Gillier, the proprietor of France’s major knitted garments company, to produce the knitted cotton pique shirt that modernized the sportswear businesses.


Shape and Color of the Lacoste Logo:

Lacoste’s “green crocodile logo” is one of the most recognized logos in the world of apparel. Rene Lacoste received the title “Crocodile" by the American press, shortly after his bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup team. The captain had guaranteed to gift Rene a crocodile skin suitcase if he would successfully win a very important team match. The American public held on to this name that projected Rene’s maintained performance in every match. Rene’s friend, Robert George, sketched a crocodile which was later embroidered on all Rene’s shirts that he wears in his games.

Font of the Lacoste Logo:

The Lacoste logo uses a custom-designed, slightly-rounded typeface.

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