Kodak Logo

Kodak Logo

Eastman Kodak Company, more commonly known as Kodak, is a world-renowned American company best known for its photographic film products and services. Established in 1889 by George Eastman, the company employs more than 17,100 people worldwide with total assets of US$ 4.67 billion as of 2011.


Kodak Old Logos Logo History

Shape and Fonts of the Kodak Logo:

The earliest Kodak logo was introduced in 1907. Kodak is arguably the first company to integrate its brand name and look into an emblem. In 1935, another logo was unveiled as the brand shifted to a colorful scheme with the red and yellow “trade dress” colors. A corner curl design was introduced in 1960 which remained for use for almost a decade.

The company rebranded again in 1971 and the emblem retained the red and yellow colors and the Kodak name. The logo contained a box and a graphic element “K”. In 1981, the font was slightly modified to give the “box logo” a more contemporary and modernistic feel.

The box was discarded as the current version of the Kodak logo was unveiled in 2006, based on a custom typeface drawn by Allen Hori of Identity Design, the design director of the project. The logotype featured a fresh, rounded typeface giving it a simpler and visually attractive form.

Color of the Kodak Logo:

The red color in the Kodak logo represents love, passion, courage, expression and defines the moments of life.