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John Deere Logo

John Deere Logo Deere & Company, more commonly known as John Deere, was established by the legendary inventor John Deere in 1837. This American company was formed under the name Deere & Company in Moline, Illinois, in 1868. John Deere is a top manufacturer of agricultural machinery all over the world. The company has worked hard since its birth, 173 years back, and has put in great efforts to become one of the most recognized, respected and trusted brands of America. Its main agricultural products are tractors, combine harvesters, balers, planters/seeders, ATVs and forestry equipment. Deere & Company also deals in construction equipment, equipments used in lawn, grounds and turf care (ride-on lawn mowers, string trimmers, chainsaw), and also, snowmobiles. John Deere has also become a source of raw material to the steel plow industry by increasing the production of the first self-scouring steel plow. The people, location and products of John Deere & Company represent the company’s core traits, that are, consistency, dominance, enthusiasm and creativity.


The John Deere logo, designed by Landor, a San Francisco based design agency, conveys the fact that it is one of the powerful companies in the industry which will maintain its dominance for the years to come. The logo also tells us that the Deere & Company brand will continuously enhance its worth by providing unique, innovate and extraordinary products. Shape of the John Deere Logo: The John Deere logo contains an image of a deer, which is supposedly running in a circular-shaped square box along with the name of the originator of the company. The running deer signifies that nothing has the power to hinder the company’s fast and continuous growth, which is depicted to be as fast as the deer’s speed. Color of the John Deere Logo: The John Deere logo is based on a combination of yellow and green colors that generate a soothing, inspirational and pleasurable effect. We frequently observe the presence of both yellow and green colors in their manufactured products. Font of the John Deere Logo: The font style of the John Deere logo is kept simple yet elegant and it makes up the owner’s name whose great efforts and inventions have become memorable.

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