Iron Maiden Logo

Iron Maiden Logo

Iron Maiden, the English heavy metal band started its journey in 1971, when its founder Steve Harris was moved by the music of Wishbourne Ash, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. Later the bassist and songwriter formed his own band in 1975. The band’s primary lineup included Bruce Dickinson (vocalist), David Michael Murray (lead guitarist), Adrian Smith and Janick Gers (guitarists) and Nicko McBrain (drums).

Iron Maiden is one of the most eminent British heavy metal bands in the history of music. Their music is intense and innovative; the broundbreaking metal music which is both pleasant and enduring. Most people are deprived of the knowledge that their songs are based on historical events including those in relation to Alexander the Great, The Flight of Icarus and the like. The band has become revolutionary and popular, having released fourteen studio albums and selling more than 100 million records worldwide.

Some of their albums that have gained tremendous popularity amongst the masses are “Dance of the Death", “Brave New World" and “Power slave".


The Iron Maiden logo possess top-drawer visual distinctiveness and has been imprinted on all the band’s albums that have been released till 1995’s “The X Factor" album. Later, the logo was inscribed on the official compilation albums as well.

Shape and Font of the Iron Maiden Logo:

The unique shape of the letters (especially of the letter “O") in the Iron Maiden logo represents the connection of the band to the heavy metal art and imagery. The logo has certainly sold larger number of T-shirt and accessories in comparison to other musical acts. The font used is Metal Lord which indeed gives a slick metallic feel to the logo.

Color of the Iron Maiden Logo:

The logo is grey and red in color depicting zeal, power and sophistication.

The unique and innovative attributes of the Iron Maiden logo undeniably lists it amongst the best rock band logos of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era.