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Interview shane watson

Author: mohib

Interview shane watson. “There is a place that we are not supposed to go. We are being trained, and being taught this, we shouldn’t leave.”

The reason why we are being trained is that we are being watched. We are being monitored.

In the past year, I have been working as a civilian employee for the FBI. At some point in my career, I was put on a regular call by the FBI to meet with an FBI agent. I was told that they did not know about this. In the FBI office, I was allowed to stay overnight. During my stay, I also had to sign a form saying that I knew nothing about this meeting, nor did any of the agents who had met with me know anything about what had happened. What was the FBI doing? Did they just not like people who had made their opposition to Islam public?

I was told that they never wanted their agents meeting with me, or any person associated with me, because they knew that this was being held by the FBI, that this was something that would go public, and that, if anything, it was being done as an act of espionage against us. But now that you know of the situation, you ask yourselves why the FBI has not been more forthcoming? You ask yourself, why the FBI has kept silent? They have kept quiet because the American people are outraged and are calling for an investigation. The FBI wa??? ???s in on this stuff. The FBI was aware of this?????? information. They knew that this was happening for years, and they knew that the FBI knew that they could do nothing about it, but they weren’t doing anything, and now, this is happening in front of their own agents? The FBI was doing something here.

Now to make matters worse, the federal government has a culture of secrecy that has infected many positions within the FBI. It is not the FBI’s job to have a public voice on these issues, or to have the knowledge and ability to know if there is anything we should be doing. This culture of secrecy and the way it is carried out and the way in which we were treated, it’s just not appropriate for an agency that’s sworn to protect America’s civil liberties.


Shane Watson

“Why was that secret information released to the American people? D?????id the FBI try to cover it up or did the FBI try to stop us from telling the American public what happened? Why did no one ever say anything? Why did no one tell me wha

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