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I Love NY Logo

I Love NY Logo I Love New York is a famous logo and patriotic song that has a great deal of romance and loyalty to it. This emblem is usually seen on T-shirts, accessories and decorative items but its history is still waiting for some recognition. The logo’s unique, pure image has been valued my millions of people since its birth. An observer truly enjoys its appearance, which generates curiosity regarding its origin. It is widely said that this logo was at first used to attract tourists. In 1977, the Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Commerce, William S. Doyle, had great faith in the success of the image of New York as a prospective tourist destination and he envisioned that his feelings can be institutionalized. During that period, New York had many smaller cities closely attached to it. Out of fear of the unclean regions and increasing inflation in the underbelly, tourists frequently became more interested in visiting the countryside. This logo brought peace to the city and reflected a friendly image of the city that is New York. Doyle looked out for advertising companies who could decode this idea into a symbol or logo. Although New York is known to be the financial hub of the United States, Doyle did the unimaginable by introducing the I Love NY logo, designed by the now-legendary Milton Glaser. The logo gained great prominence amongst the teenagers and its trend has inspired many others to join its legacy.


This beautiful, wide-eyed and creative logo has been truly representative of the positive thinking and patriotism across the US. I Love NY logo has been created in a very simple and clear manner and is easy to understand. This particular quality of the logo enhances its value and durability. Shape of the I Love NY Logo: The shape of I Love NY logo is simple and captivating in a very distinctive way. It does not show off complicated designs and obscure artworks but instead, it speaks on behave of every New Yorker, young or old, and provides the viewers with an air of respect along with amazing informality and ease. Color of the I Love NY Logo: The I Love NY logo comprises of a bright red colored heart dwelling between the black fonts, which is an attempt to deflect the viewer’s attention to something that is very close to them. Love has no limits or boundaries and it is an eternal emotion. Therefore, other ethnic groups also coincide with this idea. Font of the I Love NY Logo: The font of I Love NY Logo is simple and easy. It is neither calligraphic nor is clustered together. It looks active and busy, just like the people of New York. The font inspires everyone who sees it and also communicates well with the corporate world. This logo can used to relate at informal levels and to build positive interpersonal interactions.

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