Hurley Logo

Hurley International is a famous clothing company based in Costa Mesa, California that deals in a large variety of athletic shoes, clothes, sports equipment and accessories. The company was established in 1979 by a 23-year-old, Bob Hurley, with his partner Bob Rowland and Business Manager Joe Knoernschild as Hurley Surfboards/International Pro Designs (I.P.D.). Mr. Hurley started this brand to help turn the dreams of youth into a reality. Hurley was a major surfboard manufacturer for 5 years and served many big corporations such as Lightning Bolt, Wind-an-Sea and Wave Tools. The company was the first to create Billabong USA in 1983, after licensing the U.S. rights to Australian surf brand Billabong. In 1998, the US management team refused to renew the licensing rights for Billabong, when the Company had reserved over $70 million in sales in America. This was when the Hurley International came into existence. Hurley products include board shorts, surfer swim trunks, shorts, unique T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, wet suits, dresses, and various other surf-related products. Some of their clothes feature frayed denim, torn shirts, and other styles. Blink-182, a pop-punk band, plays a vital role in the success of the company.


The Hurley logo is simple but looks highly professional and successfully potrays the company’s business goals to its customer base. Shape of the Hurley Logo: The Hurley logo consists of the name of its creator with the letter “H”, created by inward and outward parentheses. Color of the Hurley Logo: The black color in the logo is a depiction of elegance and simplicity that can be observed in Hurley’s productions. Font of the Hurley Logo: The smooth edges of the letters represent the relaxing and peaceful emotion people undergo when they use Hurley’s merchandise.

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