Honda Logo

Honda Logo

No one exactly knows the year of commencement of the Honda Motor Company, but it is said that the company has existed since about 58 years now. The popular Japanese car manufacturing company was instituted by Soichiro Honda and has gained great success and reliability during the years. The Honda logo was created somewhere in the middle of 1996 and 2001. The company is also a leading motorcycle manufacturer and the third most profitable car manufacturer. Today, the company produces innovative cars, motorcycles, power tools, marine equipment etc.

The Honda logo is one of the most popular and eminent logos existing today, and a magnificent symbol of confidence and durability.


The Honda logo projects the image of the company very elegantly and garners recognition from all over the world.

Shape of the Honda Logo:

The Honda logo alters with the operating units. Nonetheless, it manages to maintain the sophisticated image each logo holds. The Honda motorcycles feature the Honda Wings logo, Acura automobiles comprise of the Honda ‘A’ logo, Honda racing cars consist of Honda racing logo, Honda automobiles come with the Honda ‘H’ logo, and the Shipping carries the Honda Marine logo. Normally, the Honda logo contains the same identity that is, the ‘H’, appearing broad from the top and thinner from the bottom.

Color of the Honda Logo:

The Honda logo features silver-grey metallic color, which gives very radiant and inspiring look to the brand. The logo is enhanced by the reflective light in background which makes the logo look very stylish.

Font of the Honda Logo:

The company name in the Honda logo is placed below the attractively inscribed “H" in roman style, giving it a simple and attractive look. The font is in all caps and bold, making the company stand out amongst others.