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Holiday Inn Logo Holiday Inn is a globally recognized hotel brand, which owns over 400,000 rooms in 3,125 hotels worldwide. The chain was instituted in 1952 in Memphis, Tennessee, by a local constructor Kemmons Wilson who offered reasonable accomodation for travelers in the US. Holiday Inn is currently owned by InterContinental Hotels Group.


The earliest Holiday Inn logo was created in 1952. It featured the company name “Holiday Inn” in a slightly italic and modernistic approach. It was used until October 2007. In October 2007, Holiday Inn declared that it would launch a fresh logo for the corporation. The new logo still retains the green color scheme. The “Holiday Inn” font occupies the major portion of the logo, and is currently displayed at the bottom of the logo with an attractive font style. The text has been replaced with the fashionable letter ‘H’. The Holiday Express logo was also modified in the same year. Proprietors and franchisees planned to invest $1billion in a three years time to deliver the brand inauguration, and to maintain the quality and services provided. The owners of Holiday Inn reportedly made alterations related to the new logo by spending about $150,000 per hotel for bedding, shower rods and landscaping.

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