Harley Davidson Logo

Harley Davidson Logo

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, one of the most famous manufacturers of motorcycles, is also a world-renowned brand that produces various merchandise including shirts, bags, posters, belts etc. The Harley Davidson logo is very strong and influential; the male youth is most influenced by their products as it provides them with a sense of style and strength.

Harley Davidson was founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. In 1903 they manufactured their first two-cylindered motorbike. The Harley Davidson logo is one of the most popular logos in the world. Created in 1910, no significant changes have been brought to it since then.


The reason of the rapid growth of the company is its logo. The Harley Davidson logo is standardized and simple. The logo is exclusive, powerful and bold.

Shape of the Harley Davidson Logo:

The Harley Davidson logo comprises of a shield and a bar. In the logo, the bar is placed horizontally over the shield. The emblem looks very strong and appealing.

Color of the Harley Davidson Logo:

Harley Davidson logo consists of black, white and orange colors. The background is black, while the font and the outline of the shield are orange. The font of the bar is made white.

Font of the Harley Davidson Logo:

The font used in the Harley Davidson logo is clear and simple. The letters are all in caps. The font in the bar is equally sized, while the font of the shield differs in sizes, in respect to its shape. Nonetheless, it looks exceptionally attractive and innovative.