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Gucci Logo

Gucci Logo

The House of Gucci, more commonly known as Gucci, is a famous Italian label that designs fashion and leather goods. Owned by the French holding company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR), Gucci was founded in 1921 by the legendary fashion designer Guccio Gucci.

With €2.2 billion of revenue as of 2009, it is the biggest-selling Italian brand in the world.


In 1933, The House of Gucci was joined by Aldo Gucci, one of Guccio’s three sons, who designed the Gucci logo. Probably the most memorable and recognizable fashion logo ever created, the iconic Gucci logo is seen worldwide as a symbol of grandeur and authenticity.

Shape of the Gucci Logo:

The famous “double-G” logo of Gucci smartly and artistically employs the two interlocking “Gs” of the father’s – Guccio Gucci’s – initials. The Gucci logo has now become synonymous with luxury, style and fashion.

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