General Electric Logo

General Electric Logo

The General Electric Company (or simply General Electric) is a New York based multinational conglomerate corporation. With more than 304,000 employees around the world, General Electric is one of the largest global companies, consisting of Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal, Capital Finance and Consumer & Industrial.

According to BusinessWeek, the company has the fourth most recognized brand in the world, with a total worth of US$48 billion.


The General Electric logo was designed in the 1890s, and was later modified in 2004 by Wolff Olins. Distinctly of the previous era, this landmark logo still superbly represents thousands of consumer products and other services for more than a century after its establishment.

Shape of the General Electric Logo:

The circular shape of the General Electric logo has a timeless quality, while the inner activity near the perimeter of the circle allows a sense of motion and fluidity fortified by the sophisticated handling of the interconnected initials.

Resonant of the Art Nouveau era from which it borrows stylistically, the General Electric logo is featured on packaging and other applications, yielding a very typographical attribute. Due to the classic appearance of the symbol, and especially the neat circular profile, it has an amazingly neutral and comfortable appearance.

Color of the General Electric Logo:

The blue color used in the General Electric logo represents duty, commitment, excellence and trustworthiness of their product line.

Font of the General Electric Logo:

The General Electric logo features its proprietary typeface GE Inspira, which was designed by Michael Abbink of Wolff Olins.