Fred Perry Logo

Fred Perry is a world-renowned British fashion, sportswear and apparel brand established by the legendary British Wimbledon champion Frederick John Perry in 1940s. Since its inception, the Fred Perry clothing range has been an innovator in fashion trends and style. It was the first brand to make the crossover between sportswear and fashion with its adoption by the Mod and Skinhead subcultures of the 1950s and '60s. More recently, the Fred Perry brand has broadened into other areas (for e.g. Fred Perry Footwear), and has collaborated with some major designers and cultural icons. The legendary Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons has designed an exclusive collection with them, and singer Amy Winehouse has also been a brand ambassador of its clothing range.


The Fred Perry Logo (also known as Fred Perry Wreath or Laurel Logo) is one of the most recognizable fashion logos ever created. The logo is famously stitched into the fabric on the left breast of the brand's tennis shirts and sweaters, instead of merely ironed on (like the rival Lacoste logo). The Fred Perry logo depicts the laurel wreath, a historic emblem of excellence which also was the old Wimbledon symbol.

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