Fox Racing Logo

Fox Racing Logo

Fox Racing, also known as Fox Head, Inc., was instituted by Geoff Fox in 1974. As one of the most popular racing sports brands of the world, it has been selling motocross clothing since 35 years to more than 50 countries. Since its birth, Fox Racing has been growing rapidly in the business world. The company is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California and produces attires for the most challenging motor sports of the world.

Fox Racing provides the best quality of goods to its customers, giving them a sense of protection while being engaged in the most dangerous sport. The Fox Racing logo is a symbol of strength and power.

The company is renowned and attracts millions of fanatics, mostly youths, around the world.


The main reason behind the success of the incorporation is its logo. The Fox Racing logo is highly imaginative and effective.

Shape of the Fox Racing Logo:

The Fox Racing logo comprises of a head of a fox. The logo looks classy and strong as it represents one of the world’s fastest and cleverest animals. The shape of the logo, being highly unique and innovative, does justice to the brand.

Color of the Fox Racing Logo:

The Fax Racing logo comprises of black and white colors. The head of the fox is outlined with white, while the rest is filled with black. The black color creates a bold and strong image of the company.

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