Fiat Logo

Fiat Logo

Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, more commonly known as Fiat S.p.A., is an Italian automobile manufacturing company based in Turin established in 1899 by a group of investors, one of whom was, Giovanni Agnelli. The earliest plant of the corporation was launched in 1900 at Corso Dante, which had over 235 employees and manufactured around 24 cars. The first FIAT automobile to feature the brand name was model 4 HP.

Fiat is the ninth largest automobile manufacturer in the world today, as well as Italy’s largest auto maker.


Shape and Color of the Fiat Logo:

Fiat Old Logo

The old Fiat logo had the alphabets F-I-A-T inscribed with a silver line between each letter, using a blue background. These lines were introduced by the company’s chief designer, when he visited the factory and saw above at the backdrop of the gigantic FIAT letters on the top of the building. The lines that he decided to add created the space in the logo.

The new shield-like Fiat logo portrays the message of the “ongoing change”, while featuring the company name in white on a red background, surrounded by laurel leaves.