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Ferrari Logo

Ferrari Logo

Ferrari is one of the largest and most famous sports car brands. Racing enthusiasts are most familiar with this brand all over the world. Ferrari was established in the year 1929, in Italy. Ferrari has marked its success through its exceptional performance in formula one. The company did not achieve its fame and fortune based alone on its exceptional quality goods, but the Ferrari logo also has immensely contributed to the company’s triumph.

The Ferrari logo is inspired by the character of Count Francesco Baracca, the star of Italian Air Force during World War I. The creator of the Ferrari logo painted the ‘prancing horse’ on his plane. After his demise, it was decided to choose the horse, because his family owned a large number of horses in Lugo di Romagna.


The Ferrari logo has been symbolized by the prancing horse, representing strength and power. The logo is imprinted in the minds of individuals as a symbol of racing cars. The unique design of the logo has brought huge success and prosperity to the company.

Shape of the Ferrari Logo:

The shape of the Ferrari logo is rectangular with the image of the famous ‘prancing horse’. The horse has brought great prosperity to the company.

Color of the Ferrari Logo:

The horse of the logo is colored black, which enlightens the competence of the racing cars. The background of the logo is yellow, giving it a glowing effect. The logo is crowned with green, white and red strips, which augments the beauty of the insignia.

Font of the Ferrari Logo:

The company name ‘Ferrari’ is placed at the bottom of the Ferrari logo. Primarily, in place of the name, the letters SF were engraved on the logo. The font of the logo is stylish yet effective, highlighting the commercial features of the company.