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FedEx Logo

FedEx Logo

FedEx is one the most widely renowned logistics services companies in the world. It specializes in shipment of goods from one country or city to another. The current FedEx logo was created by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates in 1974. The Rolling Stone Magazine categorized this logo as one of the 8 best logos of the world. The logo has achieved over 40 awards internationally.


FedEx Logo Evolution

FedEx Logo Evolution and Facts:

The most interesting fact about the FedEx logo is that it creates an optical illusion; if you observe closely between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’, you’ll notice a presence of an arrow there. The arrow represents the speedy and accurate service of the company. The arrow was formed after 200 FedEx logos were already designed and reviewed by Lindon.

The ‘Ex’ in FedEx signifies different sectors of the company in different colors. FedEx Express in Orange; FedEx Freight in Red, FedEx Ground in Green, FedEx Kinko’s in Blue, FedEx Trade Networks in Yellow, and the FedEx Services in Grey. In addition, the ‘Ex’ of the corporate logo is also colored grey.

The earliest FedEx logo was designed in 1973 by Richard Runyan.