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Fargo Logo

Fargo Logo

Fargo printers are manufactured by HID Global. All Fargo products are easy to use and are very reliable. The Fargo printer is technologically advanced and provides its customers with maximum utility. The printer contains High Definition Printing, Direct-to-Card printing and Card Jet printing technology which is rarely in found in other printers.

Persona C30e, DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders, DTC400e Card Printer/Encoders are some of the remarkably designed printers by Fargo. Because of their uniqueness, Fargo printers have distinguished themselves from the rest. Fargo’s customers mainly comprise of famous organizations. Fargo printers have exceptional elements which allow organizations to meet their requirements.

Fargo printers consist of Alpha Card photo ID which helps to run multifaceted e-card encoding and multi-site ID card.


The new Fargo logo is the same as the one before with a trivial change in font color.

Color of the Fargo Logo:

The color of the Fargo logo is blue. The color itself signifies a printer logo. The use of blue color represents excellence and reliability of the product.

Font of the Fargo Logo:

The font used in the Fargo logo is simple yet attractive.