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Erin phillips says she has not yet had a chance to talk with Mr

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Erin phillips says she has not yet had a chance to talk with Mr. Fogle about his confession, but she believes it is likely a “deliberate act of revenge” that would have been impossible without his assistance. She said he offered her advice on how to become better looking. She is not convinced that Mr. Fogle offered his services to anyone else because it would have been unwise. And she doesn’t think it would have been wise to take the advice.

Ms. Phillips said the two men could have been victims as well and that they could have easily fallen victim to????? some kind of social experiment that is not worth the risk. “I believe there’s a diffe?????rence between the kind of person that does an experiment and the kind of person that puts their safety in the hands of these people,” she said.

Ms. Phillips said she is now focusing her attention on getting help for the victims. She said the three cases in her office, all from Florida, are particularly vulnerable for their sexual orientation because they are young, and many of the male victims have had a troubled childhood or are estranged from their families.

After the first case ended in 2010, the city began a pilot program to find ways to help young gay men find jobs by giving them cash and job training through the local Workforce Development Agency, whic?????h has offices in North Fort Myers, Manahan and Lake Worth.

Ms. Phillips said a third Florida victim has had an accident, which, she believes, could have been caused by the sex experiment. But Ms. Phillips said that her office has received hundreds of tips from concerned citizens about gay sex and that there have been many calls from concerned parents and family members telling her where to visit.

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And she said the gay men who live on her office’s floor, as well as those in the basement and a nearby hotel, also have shared in her office’s concern because, like her office employees, they fear for their safety.

For his part, Mr. Fogle insists that he has never tried to seduce anyone in his life. “There are some who have tried,” he said in an interview last year, adding that he thinks he has been a victim of “hysteria.”

He said he could have used more training to avoid the sex experiment, but he is not sure about that. “You put in all the effort, but you may not succeed,” he said. He added, “I don’t thin

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