Element Logo

Element Logo

Element Skateboards was initially known as Underworld Element Skateboards. It is one of the most famous skateboard and surfwear manufacturers, producing the finest quality of skateboards for years. The company is economically friendly with Triftwood Deck, fiberlight and featherlight boards. It also produces helium line skateboards, which are more firm and light with the insertion air chambers.

The company was established in 1992 in California, co-founded by a few people but Johnny Schilleriff participated in most of the activities. Element Skateboards faced many difficulties at first, but gradually, with the passage of time, it became eminent all over the world.

For the formation of universal skateboarding community, Element Skateboards created the Department of Elementology. This department was established to bring about innovative designs and quality skateboards for safe and friendly skate culture. Programs like Elemental Awareness and Element Endangered were also started by the company.

Mike Vallely, Ray Barbee, Vanessa Torres, Bam Margera, Chad Muska, Bucky Lasek, Chad Tim Tim, Darrel Stanton, Jeremy Wray, Brent Atchley, and Michael Mackrodt come together to form a skateboarding team for Element Skateboarding. Bam Margera is the best player of the team; he has won numerous skateboard competition medals.


The Element logo is very elegant and easy to understand. It represents great strength and success. The logo motivates people to promote safe and protected environment.

Shape of the Element Logo:

The Element logo consists of two circles contained in a square box. The inner circle comprises of a tree. The logo represents their sole motif that is to safeguarde the environment.

Color of the Element Logo:

The colors used in the logo are white and red. Both the colors are a motif of strength, harmony and success.

Font of the Element Logo:

The font used in the Element logo is based on Avant Garde Gothic and complements the overall design very well.