eBay Logo

eBay Logo

eBay Inc. is an American based internet corporation that supervises eBay.com. eBay.com is an online mart which helps in shopping and auctioning. This enables people to expand their business and to trade goods and services globally. eBay’s original U.S. website has created many localized websites in other countries of the world.

Popular web businesses like PayPal and IBazar are also owned by eBay Inc. eBay.com is currently one of the leading internet websites in the world and performs millions of auctions daily.


eBay.com commenced as an auction website in September, 1995 with the name “AuctionWeb”. The original company logo was a simple motif in black font that showed the Auction logo on a black and white sloped bar. This logo was known as the “Death Bar” logo.

The current eBay logo was created by Bill Cleary of the CKS group, a California design agency. The logo was selected out of many that logos that were designed.

Shape of the eBay Logo:

The letters are not placed on the same level, they have been shown in a slightly zigzag manner, which is called “baseline shift" in graphic design. This enhances the beauty of the eBay logo and shows that company is ever ready to make changes and is constantly growing.

The abnormal capitalization of the alphabets projects that company is always ready to accept positive change. The letter B in the logo is not shown in its capital form, but the company name, however, is written as ‘eBay’. Designers at CKS perceived the capital B to look like a roadblock in the center of the logo so they capitalized letter Y in its place.

Color of the eBay Logo:

The basic colors of the eBay logo signify entertainment, enthusiasm and candid energy.

Font of the eBay Logo:

The typeface used in eBay logo is a slight modification of the Univers® font family.