Duke Energy introduces new logo

Author: Mohib

Duke Energy logo new old evolution history design

Duke Energy, which is counted among the largest electric power holding companies in the US, has introduced an all-new logo following its merger with Progress Energy Inc – another energy giant. The old Duke Energy logo depicted an acute, shrill red-colored “D”. The new design features significantly gentler blue and green colors, incorporating the star emblem of Progress while also taking in the swoosh from Duke’s D.

The new logo, scheduled to take effect in early 2013, portrays the company’s “commitment to sustainability, technology and energy efficiency” while “representing energy for the future”, according to Duke officials.

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  1. Georgeffe

    I like the new design better. It has an overall good feel and appearance. I appreciate the choice of colors as this version looks far more environment friendly and intelligent.

  2. I really liked your blog! And I also liked the new logo better. Thanks!

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