Dogpile Logo

Dogpile Logo

Dogpile is a metasearch engine; it is a registered trademark of InfoSpace Inc. (October 31, 1996). Dogpile fetches results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing,, and various other eminent search engines, together with the audio and video content contributors. The Dogpile search engine is a creation of Aaron Flin. It was initially acquired by Go2net and later, was sold to InfoSpace.

Dogpile has various approaches to hunt for the required information. The tool, after carting information from numerous research engines, eliminates duplicate results and thoroughly examines the gathered information. It contains simple and relevant results.

Dogpile is characterized as one of the most renowned and recognized resources for web information in comparison to similar research engines.


The Dogpile logo is a great example of a modern, creative and innovative logo design.

Shape of the Dogpile Logo:

The Dogpile logo is rectangular in shape with its name enclosed in it. The “O" of Dogpile forms a shape of a dog’s paw. The paw largely contributes to the attention the logo has accomplished.

Color of the Dogpile Logo:

The Dogpile logo comprises of blue and white colors. The paw, in the logo, is light blue in color.

Font of the Dogpile Logo:

The font of the Dogpile logo compliments its shape and color. The letter that stands out is “O" which primarily implies the idea of a dog digging for clues or information.