Disturbed Logo

Disturbed Logo

Disturbed is a popular American heavy metal band. Since the band’s formation, they have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. The band has released around five albums, three of which were consecutive number one-albums on the billboard. Disturbed has also nominated several times for Grammys, as it remains one of the most famous heavy metal bands of modern times.

Established in 1996, the band consists of four member, Dan Donegan (guitarist), Mike Wengren (drumer), and Fuzz (bass) and David Draiman (vocalist). The band was originally called Brawl before Draiman was recruited to the band. After the modification of the name, in the year 2000, the band completed their first album “The Sickness", which climbed to the 22nd position on the billboard charts. The song “Down with the Sickness” was a major hit, which was later included in the soundtrack of the movie “Dawn of the Dead”.

Disturbed released the following albums: Believe (2002), Ten Thousand Fists (2005) and Indestructible (2008). These albums captured the first spot on the Billboard 200. Their latest album is “Asylum”. Some of their popular songs are: “Ten thousand fists”, “Inside the Fire”, “Indestructible”, “The Curse”, “I’m Alive” and “Fear”.


The Disturbed logo is marked as the top most eligible logo for a heavy metal band. The logo is unique and stylish. The success of the band can be analyzed by the fact that it is printed on thousands of T-shirts worn today by teenagers.

Shape of the Disturbed Logo:

The Disturbed logo is a blend of four religious emblems: Star of David, the Christian Cross, the Wicca, and the Islamic Crescent Moon.

Color of the Disturbed Logo:

The Disturbed logo is black and white. The color of the logo denotes purity, anger and the strength that can also be observed in their music.