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DC Logo

DC Logo

DC Shoes is a famous company that manufactures high quality footwear. It focuses on production of skateboarding, snowboarding, Active Terrain, as well as women and children’s shoes and clothes.

DC was established in 1993 by a snowboarder, Ken Block. The company initially belonged to “Droors Clothing”, but after the sale of Droors, DC had no obligations to Droors and is now known as DC shoes.

The superiority of the company’s goods is matched by the reliability of the performance of their business and their service. DC is proud to be associated with the media, suppliers, clients, customers, team riders, and staff. DC Shoes’ commitment to excellence intensifies as a result of its rapid and continuous growth.

In mid-1990s, DC shoes experienced massive expansion. The company became world’s leading skateboard brand. DC has been able to successfully achieve worldwide recognition by offering special designs through skate shops.


The DC logo is one of the best logo designs in footwear because it attracts its viewers and compliments its brand image wholly. The logo massively contributes to the success of DC shoes. The DC logo is prominent everywhere where skaters exist.

Shape of the DC Logo:

The logo comprises of two letters “D” and “C”, which are interlocked. “C” in the logo contains a star, which gets its due importance because it represents most popular celebrities who wear DC shoes.

Color of the DC Logo:

The color of the DC logo is black and looks attractive of its nice and sleek design.

Font of the DC Logo:

The font in the DC logo is simple and attractive, and it does justice to both, the logo and the company.