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Darwin pitch bamboozles aussie batsmen

Author: mohib

Darwin pitch bamboozles aussie batsmen

After taking the wicket of India’s No. 2 wicketkeeper R Ashwin with an unbeaten run in the second over of the day, Australia were down by three wickets in front of 10,000-plus fans at The Oval.

But not in the face of the crowd’s vitriolic and well-prepared boos that had been delivered at a critical stage on a balmy evening. Ashwin went for four fours ?????and got them.

And when he was bowled to slip to long-on on the fourth ball, a fan shouted at the umpire to change from No. 1 to No. 2.

But the crowd booed Ashwin over for being unable to get an advantage after he was given a four and an edge for five off three balls, saying “they had to make that a four, don’t you think?”

Singing a familiar tune after the final over, Ashwin, who was playing a first-class half-century, celebrated with the fans as they celebrated the achievement of reaching the final © AFP

With the fans, in tears, watching Ashwin bow his first half-century in the IP?????L as the crowd roared for his first wicket, ?????Ashwin, smiling and carrying the bat after the match, said: “It’s always a celebration of the success of the whole team and I am delighted to be able to go through what we achieved today.

“The whole team really played well today and, obviously, I am proud of all of us. It’s a great feeling and we all came together for one final good-natured, joyous game. I know it’s just another one-day event, but hopefully this will bring smiles to your faces.

“I am happy to be on top of the world. I have come this far and have a great life. I know if I didn’t get a shot or two I don’t think I would be here.

“I am really looking forward to going out on top. It’s definitely been an honour but this will be the last opportunity of my career.”

A crowd of 25,823 were in the ground when he was bowled.

The day started with the crowd booing when Rahul Dravid, the captain of India’s domestic one-day team, was replaced by Harbhajan Singh, who had been dropped for the day by the Indian board.

“For the first two days o

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