Copyright Logo

Copyright Logo

Copyright is exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original masterpiece. The copyright law applies only to copying of books. It also includes literature, sculptural, musical and other logical works. The safety of rights can be attained by acquiring a license. It is forbidden for anyone to violate the rights given by the copyright law to the owner of copyright. The US Copyright Office successfully provides exceptional services and good quality products.

Originally, copyright was only concerned with illegal copying of books, but today it also prevents various breaches of copyright episodes from the imitation of clothing to the contents on CDs.

Copyright is globally standardized; it lasts from 50 to 100 years after the author’s death. Copyright is implemented nationwide.


The copyright symbol is a professionally designed logo. The (the circle c) symbol is also seen on typewriters and keyboards.

Shape of the Copyright Logo:

The copyright logo consists of the letter ‘’c’’ contained in a circle. It signifies the protection the symbol provides to the original owner of the masterpiece. It also represents the year of publication.

Color of the Copyright Logo:

The Copyright symbol is black in color. The black color is bold and gives a warning to people who plan to disobey the copyright law.

Font of the Copyright Logo:

The font of the copyright logo comprises of letter ‘’c’’ in bold. The font is clear, simple and self-explanatory.