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Coach, Inc., more commonly known as Coach, is a world-renowned American company known for its high-end leather products such as handbags, briefcases, watches, luggages, wallets, eyewear, footwear and other accessories. Headquartered and founded in New York City in 1941 as a family-owned business, the company now employs more than 12,000 people worldwide with total assets of $800 million as of 2009.


Shape of the Coach Logo: The Coach logo is probably the most memorable logo in leatherware industry. It was designed in 1962 by Bonnie Cashin, a legendary American artist and fashion designer who also created many influential handbang designs for the company, including the famous silver brass toggle. The classic horse-and-carriage Coach logo is a symbol of luxury, elegance, social status and royal dignity. Color of the Coach Logo: The black color in the Coach logo represents the prestige, strength and refinement of the brand. Font of the Coach Logo: The Coach logo uses a custom typeface designed specifically for the company.

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