Chevy Logo

Chevy Logo

The simple Chevy logo may seem ordinary to the viewer at the first glimpse, but it undoubtedly holds immense importance in the corporate world. A radiant simple cross in traditional metallic colors typifying the automobile business describes the Chevy logo in its natural form. The logo is simple yet elegant; the design of the logo creates an eternal impact on the human mind.

A trade name and symbol is the key factor used to promote a company and its merchandises. Produced by the world’s most popular automobile manufacturers, General Motors, Chevrolet was formed by by Louis Chevrolet in 1911. It holds distinction amongst other automobile companies. The Chevy logo was introduced by William Durant in 1913. The logo contributed immensely in the advertising and promotion of the incorporation.


It is heard that the origin of the Chevy logo seems to be vague. Some suggest that Louis designed the Chevy logo, being influenced by the Swiss cross. On the other hand, some say that Durant designed the Chevy logo, inspired by captivating wallpaper in a French hotel.

Color of the Chevy Logo:

The Chevy logo uses golden color with a tint of yellow for the graphical effects and black for the text emblazoned. The utilization of the vivacious and bold colors makes the Chevy logo look fashionable and stylish. These colors come together to construct consciousness of amusement and sportsmanship. The yellow shade call forth originality and enthusiasm; while the black shade reveals the strength and boldness of the Chevy logo.

Font of the Chevy Logo:

The font of the logo comprises of the company’s name. The Chevy logo is elite and distinctive because of its simple and attractive font. The name looks radiant and bold and adds to the beauty of the overall logo.

Shape of the Chevy Logo:

The Chevy logo is recognized all over the world because of its magnificent design. It is also called the “Chevy bowtie", even though it does not look like one. If we examine it closely, the bow is perpendicularly placed over the name of the company, giving a catchy and civilized look.

The Chevy logo is universally famous for its creativity and simplicity. It is regardless of words to define it. Chevy logo has a massive control over the automobile trade and industry.