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Chanel Logo Chanel S.A., founded originally by a Parisian couturier named Coco Chanel, is a famous French fashion house known for its “haute couture”, ready-to-wear apparel and fashion accessories. Chanel employs more than 1270 people worldwide and had an annual revenue of €1.809 billion in 2010.


Shape of the Chanel Logo: The Chanel logo, designed by Coco Chanel herself in 1925, consists of two interlocked and opposing letters “C” for her name, “Coco Chanel”. It remains unchanged since and at the same time, one of the most iconic logos in fashion industry. A popular story suggests that it was inspired by the original Château de Cremat logo; a pair of intertwined Cs. The Chanel logo was not registered as a trademark until the first Chanel shops were built. Color of the Chanel Logo: The black color in the Chanel logo represents elegance, elitism and wealth. Font of the Chanel Logo: The Chanel logo features a custom typeface. Buy used Chanel bags in Dubai

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