CBS Logo

CBS Logo

CBS Broadcasting Inc. (Columbia Broadcasting System) is a leading television network in the United States, which was established initially as a radio network in 1927. The network is also known as the “Eye Network” – a reference to the celebrated pattern of its famous logo, the “CBS eye”.


The CBS eye, created by the legendary American graphic designer William Golden, is one of the most enduring and memorable logos in the history of design. The logo, illustrated by Golden’s associate Kurt Weihs, was unveiled by Columbia Broadcasting System in 1951.

The CBS logo practically foretold the emergence of television over radio as the principal mass medium in the broadcast industry.

Shape of the CBS Logo:

Taking inspiration from the refined simplicity and elegance of the Shaker design of the mid-nineteenth-century, Golden brought in an altered form of Didot Bodoni, which he saw in France, to artistically embellish the mark. While symbols featuring the human eye have been around for thousands of years, only a handful have took it to such an effective yet instantly recognizable and elegant form.

Designed entirely of circular components, the brilliantly balanced CBS logo literally typifies transcendence of fashion.

Color of the CBS Logo:

The black color in the the CBS logo represents strength, determination and awareness.

Font of the CBS Logo:

The font’s unique range of thicks to thins in the CBS logo imparts a more contemporary, graceful and classically elegant feel.