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Caterpillar Logo

Caterpillar Logo

Caterpillar Inc., famously shortened as “CAT”, is a world-renowned American company that manufactures machinery, engines, and construction and mining equipment. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, the company employs around 153,000 people worldwide with total assets of US$ 81.446 billion as of 2011.


Shape and Color of the Caterpillar Logo:

The Caterpillar logo has evolved since the brand’s establishment in 1925. The early logo of Caterpillar was the company name itself written in a loopy handwriting, resembling a crawling larva. The machinery and other products of Caterpillar Inc. today are instantly recognizable by its current iconic “CAT logo” and trademark. The company earns additional revenue by merchandizing its famous “yellow triangle” logo.

The yellow color in the Caterpillar logo represents joy and optimism while the black color stands for excellence and power.

Font of the Caterpillar Logo:

The Caterpillar logo is based on the Helvetica® font family.