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Notre Dame of Maryland Introduces New Logo

Author: Mohib

College of Notre Dame of Maryland University New Logo

The College of Notre Dame of Maryland introduced a new logo on Friday, July 1. The rebranding is a part of the college’s transition into a university. According to an official press release, the new emblem features the blue and white mystic rose of Notre Dame, a French title for Virgin Mary, with pale yellow accents. The rose has been bordered by a cross and shield.

The Catholic-affiliated college will be designated a university on September 9.

Samsung unveils new logo for London 2012 Olympic Campaign

Author: Mohib

Samsung Olympic Visual Identity System London 2012 new logo

Samsung unveiled an exclusive new logo on Monday, June 13, to be used on all its London 2012 Olympic campaigns and advertising, particuarly the sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay. The new logo, designed by the award winning London-based graphic designer Kate Moross, has been termed as the “Samsung Olympic Visual Identity System” (SOVIS).

The company states that the logo has been solely created to visualize an open invitation to the general public, deliberately coinciding with the marketing campaign’s “Everyone’s Olympic Games” strapline.

Apple iCloud logo revealed

Author: Mohib

Apple iCloud logo HD

Apple is planning to unveil three new products at the next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011). These include OSx Lion, iOS 5 and the spic-and-span web-based service, called iCloud.

The iCloud logo consists of a thick, black outline of a cloud, which is almost molded like the MobileMe cloud logo, on a silverish shiny background. What do you think of this one from Apple? Don’t forget to have your say in the comments section below!

Apple iCloud logo

Newcastle Council unveils new logo

Author: Mohib

Newcastle Council new logo brand

The Newcastle Council has announed a brand-new colorful logo and sixteen visitor information kiosks which will be studded around the city. These initiatives are part of a new marketing campaign called “Brand Newcastle”.

The new logo, which costs around $88,000, is a colorful characterization of the word “Newcastle”, and was jointly funded by the Council and state government. Simon McArthur, the tourism manager of the Council, stated that the campaign will encourage Newcastle as a modern and dynamic city of tireless people, with a cushy lifestyle, and state-of-the-art industries.

Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympics Logo Unveiled

Author: Mohib

Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympics Logo

The official logo for 2014 Summer Youth Olympics, which will be held in Nanjing, China, has been unveiled. The inaugural ceremony of the logo was a live broadcast on Chinese national television. The logo, designed by Li Min, director of School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, has been chosen from 4,000 designs from all over the world. It celebrates Nanjing’s rich cultural heritage and depicts the illustrious City Gate in the wording.

What do you think of the logo design? How Chinese can it get? Don’t forget to have your say in the comments section below! :-)

Google celebrates 160th anniversary of World’s Fair with Interactive Logo

Author: Mohib

160th anniversary World's Fair Google Logo

Today is the 160th Anniversary of the First World’s Fair, which was organized in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom in 1851. The first fair, styled as the “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations”, was basically the idea of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. About 300 such fairs have been held since.

To commemorate the historic event, Google home page features an exclusive interactive logo. Here is how the logo appears when you mouse over specific sections of it:

160th anniversary World's Fair Google Logo

Woman Claims NY Yankees Swiped her Uncle’s Top Hat Logo

Author: Mohib

New York Yankees Top Hat Logo

Tanit Buday, 63, filed a claim in New York federal court on Monday, asserting that the NY Yankees swiped her uncle’s top hat logo and her uncle could not afford to mount a legal challenge for copyright infringement against the “rich and powerful” Yankees during his lifetime. She also demanded that the baseball team should hand over all profits generated from the NY Yankees logo, a top hat perched on a baseball bat, which first appeared in 1936.

A spokesperson for the Yankees rejected the claim, declaring that it has no truth to it.

To back up her claim, Buday provided testimony from a branding expert as well as a few photos of the logo containing a “P,” which she said was a signature of her uncle’s work. She also stated that the Yankees’ owners commissioned the logo from her uncle after hearing about his work from his sister, who was a manicurist in Brooklyn in the 1930s.

Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo Unveiled

Author: Mohib

Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo TShirts

United States President Barack Obama has just announced his plans to run for re-election this week. Person-to-person campaigning is seen on his official website BarackObama.com, where comments and tweets have been posted from supporters, and a new logo for 2012 Re-election Campaign has been unveiled.

Barack Obama 2008 Logo:

Barack Obama 2008 Election Campaign Logo

Obama’s 2008 Election Campaign featured the famous ‘Rising Sun’ logo, which was designed by Sol Sender of Chicago-based design agency Sender LLC. It consisted of a rising sun in a blue sky depicting “a new day”. The red and white colored stripes in the logo design were prominently used to symbolize the American flag, and the emblem was encircled in the zero of ‘08’.

Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo:

Barack Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo

The 2012 Re-election Campaign logo also exhibits the same “new day” idea. The only change being the placement of the “O” bearing the rising sun and plains. What’s more, the logo replaces the “0″ in “2012″.

Wachovia introduces new logo and brand name

Author: Mohib

Wachovia Wells Fargo new logo name

Wachovia, the largest bank in Palm Beach County, and the fourth-largest bank holding company in the entire U.S., gets a new logo and name in July 2011. The new stagecoach logo will feature “Wells Fargo” in red and gold colors.

The name change could probably disturb the bank’s flighty depositors, but Ken Thomas, a Miami banking analyst, contends that the Wells Fargo’s healthy finances will hold depositors in place: “There will be some questions about the stagecoach, and people will come in and ask some questions about the history of the bank. I don’t see a run-off, because the bank has a good, strong reputation.”

Taiwan’s New “The Heart of Asia” Logo

Author: Mohib

Taiwan's New The Heart of Asia Logo

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has unveiled a new logo with the slogan “Taiwan – The Heart of Asia”. The grammatically incorrect old slogan “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart”, which had been in use for about ten years, has been thrown out.

The logo, designed with the help of a London design agency named Winkreative, features a few symbols of Taiwan including Taipei 101 and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, as well as the ancient temples of Taiwan. It also depicts fireworks, lanterns, a teapot, a bird, flower blossoms, a butterfly, two people eating and an aboriginal motif.

What do you think of the new design? Don’t forget to have your say in the comments section below!