Caribou Coffee Logo

Caribou Coffee Logo

Caribou Coffee is a specialty coffee and espresso distributor. It is the second most popular Coffee retailer in the United States after Starbucks. Caribou produces gourmet coffees, teas, and bakery products in 415 coffeehouses covering about 16 states and the District of Columbia. The chain also owns around 80 shops all over the world.

The owners of the company originated the corporation and named it Caribou during their inspirational trip at Alaska’s Denali National Park. A Caribou is a wild reindeer in North America which is found all over the Arctic and Subarctic.


Caribou Coffee Old Original Logo

Shape and Color of the Caribou Coffee Logo:

The original Caribou Coffee logo featured the caribou jumping left as well the blue signage. These two characteristics are also present in the new logo, which was unveiled in 2010.

The new logo is made simpler and more playful than the previous one. It projects the major features of the brand. It evidently is a depiction of a leaping caribou in a coffee-brown color, representing the brand’s playful character. The logo is generated by graphic elements, which includes a coffee bean located where the animal heart resides, along with the “C” shaped horns.

The legs of the animal are in a shape of spoons that are used for measurement of coffee beans. The caribou in the logo is leaping to the right, representing the steps the company takes to move forward. The blue shield-like shape in the background signifies the sign from Alaska’s Denali Park. This was also shown in the previous logo.

Caribou Coffee’s new brand consists of a new logo, color palette and design elements that provide new power and wider context to the current tagline “Life is short. Stay awake for it.”

Font of the Caribou Coffee Logo:

The fonts used in the Cariobou Coffee logo are stylish and decipherable.