Canon Logo

Canon Logo

Canon Inc. is a world-renowned Japanese company that manufactures cameras, printers, camcorders and photocopiers. Headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, the company was established in 1937 by Goro Yoshida, Takeshi Mitarai, Takeo Maeda and Saburo Uchida.


Shape of the Canon Logo:

Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, the parent company of Canon, manufactured a new camera in 1933, and named it “Kwanon”, after the Buddhist god of mercy. The original logo depicts the image of Kwanon with about one thousand arms and flames. The company came up with the name “Canon” in 1935 after its wide and impressive international success.

The current Canon logo is a prime example of a typographic logo.

Color of the Canon Logo:

The red color in the Canon logo represents energy, determination and business responsibility.

Font of the Canon Logo:

The Cannon logo uses a custom-designed font which was created by Gio Fuga exclusively for the company.