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Canberra drivers warned of roosiness if the rail corridor becomes more congested

Canberra drivers warned of roosiness if the ?????rail corridor becomes more congested. Picture: Getty Images.

The rail corridor is already one of the nation’s best-traveled regional routes due to its smooth, easy-going flow with excellent passenger numbers, and while motorists will be annoyed at longer wait times on some routes, the benefits to business travellers include improved connections to Sydney and Brisbane.

In the long term, the Coalition has promised to speed rail up from 10,000 to 18,000km a year with investment coming through a new toll road, and construction on a railway in Western Australia would begin within 10 years, it said.

But business users have a broader stake in the rail network and will benefit from improvements to train travel by the end of the decade.

The Labor Party’s $15 million annual rail investment would cover up to $9.6 billion over the next two decades but it also wants to build the rail link with Western Australia through the Port Hedland Strait.

The government has put on hold its proposed $6.4 billion project to up?????grade rail lines connecting Sydney and Newcastle over the next three years, which was a compromise with the business community over better access to the regional road network.

Business leaders are already asking for details on whether business leaders are getting a say on whether the Labor Government wants to get their input on the rail plan and whether an interdepartmental committee will be formed to look into the rail link.

TIGTA chairman Alan Zemelman said businesses felt a strong sense of security that they would get value for their money, ?????but were wary of losing out as long as political parties do not promise too much.

“There are many people, whether in business or non-business, who appreciate the benefits that rail provides when they travel throughout the state, especially when it comes to the infrastructure that gets built along with the rail services that it provides,” he said.